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    OI&T Dept. –109 Bee Street Charleston, SC 29401-5799

    Clinical Location Coordinator:

    Shalonda Oliver
    Phone: 843-789-7149
    Email: shalonda.oliver@va.gov

    Location Coordinator Resources:

    Location Coordinator Guide

    The source of information for the VA Clinical Location Coordinator's. This is a resource to use once the VA Mobile Service Desk is no longer onsite to assist directly with questions or concerns about the iPad devices.

    iPad Courses

    These sessions are designed so that you can learn something new and quick each time. Please join us in one of these sessions each week!

    User Guide

    The clinicians guide to their iPad.

    Device Naming Convention:

    CHA-TBIEE##### (EE# located on the back of the device)

    Service Desk Ticket


    This master ticket will be used as a means of communication between the Service Desk and the site Location Coordinator and other authorized personnel.

    Site Contacts:

    Other Authorized Personnel:

    Facility Chief Information Officer (FCIO):

    Office of Information & Technology (OI&T):

    Information Security Officer (ISO):

    Super User:

    Site Contact restrictions:

    User Add/remove/Swap/Replacement Wiki Access/Privileges
    Clinical Location Coordinator Add/Remove/Swap/Replacemet: Yes Yes
    Other Authorized Personnel Add/Remove/Swap/Replacemet: Yes Yes

    Device Holdings:

    Where physically are the Stock Devices/Spares Stored?


    Location: Office of Chief of Informatics/ IT office

    Who collects returned devices?


    Location: OI&T Dept. –

    Network Connectivity
    Mobile1SD: Guest: Mifi/Hotspot:
    Carrier: Data Expiration:
    Reference Links:

    VA Mobile Service Desk: