Draft - Tasks for eConnected Research Platform


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    Perform Market Survey

    for technologies, platforms, or products that enable the following for clinical research purposes
    • patient/participant engagement
    • communication
    • data collection

    Perform Evaluation

    of existing VA mobile framework/mobile application environment from Connected Health to support eConnected Research Platform. In regards to the following:
    • Existing functionality, capability, and growth potential
    • Required TIC utilization for BPE

    Define Functionality

    for mature eConnected Research Platform (including but not limited to below)
    • Open Secure Connectivity To and From
      • Genomic info (variant, sequence)
      • Other laboratory/procedure tests
      • Mobile devices and wearable devices
      • Administration consoles (AKA MDM Admin and similar) within and without the VA intranet
    • Capture and Integration
      • patient-centric outcomes
      • patient communication and consent
        • web, mobile, integrated voice response
      • direct patient measurements (including but not limited to)
        • Home BP, weight
        • Biologic sensors
        • Mobile sensors
        • Use of modern frameworks (including but not limited to)
          • Ex Healthkit/ResearchKit
    • Support
      • Complex logic and interactions for research programs' protocols and activity
      • Support consent processes including “eConsent”
      • Interface with learning healthcare system
        • Moving learning into clinical decision support
      • Analytics and advanced computation
    • Technical and PM Services
      • "concierge" guidance of connectivity between MAE and rest of VA network
      • "concierge" guidance to deploy products/solutions
      • what else?

    Provide Recommendations

    Related to expansion of VA Connected Health VAMF/MAE to meet needs of eConnected Research platform and compliance with TIC utilization for BPE.