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The Daily Plan was found to increase patient safety during hospitalization. By importing provider orders into a health summary, patients receive an itinerary for each day in the hospital. These patient-specific reports, one or two pages in length, reflect current orders such as allergies, medications, procedures, and diet. Because there are many limitations using the health summary feature, we propose to enhance The Daily Plan by making it easier to use for patients and staff nationwide.

For more information see the Overview wiki page which includes this abstract, the problem statement and the innovative solution.

Final Deliverable

Download file "DailyPlan -- Final Deliverable.zip"

Innovation Leaders


Amanda Fore, amanda.fore@va.gov
Beth King, beth.king@va.gov

OIT&T Support

Larry Brown, larry.brown2@va.gov

Innovation Coordinator

Zelia Taylor-Pearson, zelia.taylor-pearson@va.gov

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