Help Help Meeting 6/12/15

Meeting Title
Help Help
Meeting Host
William Cerniuk
Meeting Time
1:00pm - 2:30pm central standard time, June 12, 2015
Meeting Location
Fuze 149-50-005

Bill: What we want to do is start posting these notes up in the wiki system since we are more structured now and have the right people involved. – Made Kimber, Vikki, and Chris admins in the wiki – I need to get in there and see what is making that happen (password)

Alex: are you saying you need time to play in the sandbox?

Bill: Yes, gives me time to play. If you add part of someone’s name here it will search who you’re using. Then you click add those users. Chris, Kimber, Vikki, I need you on this to make sure everyone has the correct credentials. If you click the drop down arrow you will see the last edits. If you click the last edits you will see what the specific changes are. You can also change your themes. – displays a psychedelic 70s theme –

Tags- if you add a tag in here it helps everybody find everything.

Who took notes for the meeting this morning?

Kimber: I did

Bill: SO you were having trouble logging in?

Kimber: Yes, my password was working yesterday, but today it is not. Does it reset after every 90 days?

Bill: It does but I am going to log in and make permanent accounts for our staff. Chris, I am inclined to give you main access to the server so that you can help me with some of this.

Chris: uh, okay. I guess I am a little concerned about what I might actually be doing, but we can talk about that later.

Bill: okay. I am creating Kimber an account. Kimber what is your email?

Kimber: From what I can see you have left out an ‘S’ – spells the email address-

Bill: Here is a password – text me the password. Checked name for spelling. I don’t think we need everyone on the team with this kind of capability but you have a permanent account will be Ms. Reeves not Kimber Reeves

Kimber logs into account – no permissions are present.

Bill: Okay Ill get to that in a bit.

Bill demonstrates how to properly create a blog post and format it.

Chris: Is Brian Limbo a VA employee?

Bill: Yes Brian our new employee is the best at engaging HRC on our side and Kimber is the best engaging HRC period. I made it really clear to Kathy that sustaining will be impossible without taking full advantage of this tool and using for everything that it does. Those calls went from “we really need to do X” to “oh my god I had no idea that you were doing X from the beginning”. Now what we really need to do is make sure we get our reporting categories in line. We need to man up on those.

Alex: I want to interject, but It may not be appropriate for this call.

Bill: Yeah we need to look at the bar code issues really hard. I asked Kathy if …

Chris: I did. I actually have it as an action item to delivery you guys three different pathways. I have it just haven’t been able to get to it with the last two days of travel. There are 5 … my understanding is that Kevin Closey did the local configuration for the machines. I just want to make sure I understand what the app is so we can get it appropriately configured and get it shipped to Austin.

Bill: We are of like mind. 1. Scan it and send it don’t open box. 2. Build the base a Unicom send it to Austin for final config and then 3. Build the entire thing at Unicom by using an imaging process (quite frankly it’s still a computer no matter how they process it). If you look at a processor of ipads a user enrolls It into an MDM and it’s the same server connection. If these windows devices, there is no reason why we can’t do it at the warehouse and keep the load off the local IT staff. Kathy has been told that it can’t be done but I disagree

Chris: I agree with you. I would like to talk off line bout the imaging threshold.. The MDT[KR1] server is ready to go. There is a threshold of devices that we can present. If you have a hundred or more you should absolutely let us do the configuration in the warehouse. What we saw and what Kathy is going to be able to see right there at the warehouse – I don’t think we’re there today. On that Austin device that they are looking for soonest, where does that need to come from?

Bill: what we want to do is get a full Austin build. It took a while to get the devices back. That’s okay. I just need to know what we are up against. With the Unicom device Austin can do this in their right manner. Now, the second part is that now that we have a device in that example we want to take it and build it like Austin builds it. So we have the pieces that Austin builds us we can take a piece and build it. My 3 (challenge to you) how do we image the Unicom device to thumb drive.

Chris: We can do a thumb drive. It’s not ideal. It’s not ideal for the way the warehouses are set up.

Bill: Our main goal right now is to get the manual process filled out that we can engage Franklin and get a feel for what our best possible rate it. I want to do that and offer that service. I fully disagree, our warehouse is fabulous and we have the right people. I want to do it this way for dell too.

Chris: We are going to explore a number of options of getting it too. I would like to talk to you about them but I don’t want to take up everyone’s time on this call.

On that though we are trying to get a device just before it gets assigned to a user to go to Kevin to Franklin. I think that we can absolutely justify that.

Bill: So categories, Kimber and I had a great phone call the other day about this. In some cases it would be really great to have one category session: Password Reset. But what we might find is having a hard time integrating all of that. If I had to reset my password for something, where would I go?

Casey: Are you talking about the opps wiki?

Bill: No. Can you see my screen?

Casey: Negative

Alex: Casey is traveling to Alabama from Lexington

Bill: Ah okay, Kimber help me with this one. We are using the term Discrete as an isolated component, not as a hidden object. Well we might add properties to a discrete category. A car is Red. Red is the property. In some cases maybe not. If a property needs a property it is probably a category. I have a bunch of properties Red, blood red, pepper red etc. Probably a category.

Okay so we are in AirWatch here. How many categories do we have? I am going to put them in the chat.

Casey: I’m not sure if it’s so much AirWatch as ESE etc.

Bill: You’re exactly right. How is the user supposed to know?

Chris: Yeah especially when they keep changing the application name

Bill: Maybe it would make sense to have APP Catalog as a category. Does it makes sense that AirWatch is a category by itself?

Casey: Yes it does because AirWatch issues only get to T3. T1 thinks AirWatch goes automatically to T3 all the time.

Bill: So if you have an AirWatch problem what is T1 and T2 going to do? Escalate. So what did we do? Just waste two people’s time. So we need to craft the tool to make sure that we send the request directly to the individual who can solve it.

Alex: The overall issue is that T1 might be assigning tickets to T3 who are on delivery. Then a T3 rep ends up with 25 tickets unworked. Someone has to monitor those.

Bill: Right and I will take responsibility for that. I am here to fix it. Now that we have a team who can handle this.

Starts going through the tiers and appropriately placing people into the correct tiers.

Now when a ticket updates, do you do it in the browser or email?

Kimber: I prefer in the browser

Bill: Alex do you want to make that call?

Alex: Have the option to do both?

Bill: No we do. We can set it under ticket creation. So you only get notified via email when the ticket is created. We set criteria to send to a select group of techs. Load Balancing is when one person has 5 tickets go without response...the ticket goes to the tech with the least amount of tickets. Round Robin is when the ticket bounces back and forth between the two representatives.

Tech>Tech Groups> Tech Levels> Level 2

Level 2 is the Hail Mary. It gets serious here. So we have the tech, when the ticket updates we will give it the same sort of criteria here. We will set it to load balancing.

Alex: I mean the obvious questions – in your mind you think level 1-2-3-4 corresponds to Tier 1-2-3-4. What happens now if a T1 rep gets a ticket and identifies it as AirWatch.

Bill: Lets say Andrea gets an MDM issue ticket. She will go in and set the MDM issue and the ticket will assign it to somebody and she will try to transfer the call to somebody and try to get them to solve that issue right then. Personally I think the phone call is not the most efficient way to do this. As a tech would you rather pick up the ticket and solve it or be transferred a call?

Casey: Uhhh…. I don’t know. What does Alex thing?

Bill: lets ask Jason

Jason: We may not be available to take or make a call. Its better to try to solve the ticket first.

Alex: I don’t want to pass the customer around. So if you put yourself in the customer’s shoes you don’t want to be passed around. So how do we set up fields that the T1 cannot escalate that ticket unless all the information is present.

Jason: I totally agree with that bill we receive so many tickets that are missing information that we need.

Bill: Okay I see. So here is how this sort of thing goes. Remember the person who took the phone call is random. We didn’t know who took the call. It could have been Jason.

Jason: Ever since we had this contract I have never taken a call.

Alex: Bill I’ve already had this conversation. We CANT do that today. Today Ruth-E-Lee has possession of the phone line and we cannot take calls.

Bill: I hear frustration.

Alex: laughs Well I’ve been having this conversation.

Bill: Well I think that Ruth-E-Lee some of them feel underutilized, Jason (Shellaburger) for example. Try not to think of them as T1 but think of them as the person who answered the phone. If Jason didn’t answer the phone but AnDrea did, we are okay with that. If I answer the phone for a ticket, 9 times out of 10 the ticket is not going to be mine. I am directing it to the right place. So how can we help them get the ticket to the right place? If you get a MDM ticket request and its clearly not a MDM request – that can be a good thing. Your job is not to escalate it but to reclassify it and walk away. Tickets will be put in incorrectly. Sometimes tickets will be entered incorrectly.

Has anybody used this calendar tool? What you’re seeing here is ticket work. The other part of the calendar system is when you log when you’re not going to be there.

Discusses calendar settings and 7 to 7 schedules

Shows how you can go into the calendar and work tickets that are due that day

Are we exhausted yet? Does this answer the question on how things get divvied up on tasks?

Alex: yeah I think it is a little bit more robust than I had thought.

Bill: well Kimber what do you like to do in the tool?

Kimber: I spend a lot of time doing the batch assignments and I really enjoy configuring the setup of the tool.

Bill: Alex do you have a list can we set that up of what skill sets are?

Alex: I have a rough list but its not about what they like to do its about what they can do. I guess I should tweak that a bit.

Bill: We are an hour and a half. Are we down for a “Happy Friday” or do we want to keep going?

Bill: Let’s do a real quick what happened. I showed you how to do it but I didn’t show you what happened. So let’s say we click a property under MDM. So now based on the assets only a list of devices assigned to this person will show.

Jason: wow that’s pretty nice

Bill: So I set up the device and hit save. This is under My Assets. I promise I will fix this. I just have not had time. With the operating going on and Chris on board it will get better. So the system can fully do surveys. We will have button that the user can click. WE can do that but not today.

Alex: Does it have the ability to do both? Close ticket and send survey?

Bill: I believe so, I can’t remember if it can do it at the entry of the ticket or not. So I’ve got my ticket open in the system. We take a look at it. Blue dot means first response has not been given. So now there is no ambiguity. Casey is automatically assigned to this ticket. Now If I am Casey, and I know I don’t have the time or bandwidth to address this problem, I can add a tech note and move it to a different rep. All confirmations now go out. If I would have just clicked “Save” instead of “Save and email” or if I would have not notified the client the save would have not been a first response. We might want to set up a Process for that!

Casey: Did you put Humina in the ticket?

Bill: Laughing

Alex: That goes really good with Pita Bread

Bill: Y’all know you can link an FAQ right? Its not a first response unless the user receives it. Okay so that’s all I have but I’ll keep going if you want.

Kimber: Happy Friday

Casey: Did you get my Lexington photos